Good morning world! Bare with me, as this is  the first time in a very, very long time that I’ve posted anything on a blog (I was eighteen when I finished posting to my first – and most successful – blog). I feel like so much has changed in those seven years, and the blogging process seems to have more options than ever, so I’m sure over time you’ll find this little page both change visibly and read differently to what it does today.

First posts are the worst, and I really didn’t want to fall in to the trap of writing a first post about first posts. Neither did I want to write a post simply introducing myself, because I both find them boring to read myself, and I truly believe that you’ll discover who I am through the journey of this blog if, of course, either of us stick around.

If anyone even discovers this little page.

*insert cheesy line here* I guess, one of the reasons I have started this blog is to provide a beacon of light in these darker times (you’ve got your outdoor glasses on) as well as to provide a creative outlet for myself. Why a creative outlet (no one asks)? I like to consider myself a part time writer, mostly in the poetry fields, but occasionally I dip my toes into the fields of fiction.

I prefer poetry simply because it’s less messy. Fiction has characters and places and objects and just about a million and one other things to hold on to and remember. I have a short attention span and a disastrous memory! Poetry can be more clear cut, and even when it’s not clear cut; abstract.

Over time you’ll definitely see some of my work appear on here. I’ll probably also talk about the work of others I like as well; what I’m reading or watching etc. Maybe, if my life ever becomes a little more interesting, I’ll even talk about what I’m DOING! (Don’t be silly, Stephen).

Yes; my name Stephen. Stephen with a ph not a v. Not Steve. Not Ste. Plain old, bog standard, the name my mother chose for me, Stephen. Steve is for lads, van drivers and builders. I am none of the latter. Ste is for… Well, I couldn’t even tell you what Ste is for, I’m just not a fan.

One last thing before I wrap this longer than I intended but shorter than expected, not a first post post, up, is a promise of sorts. I’ll do my absolute best not to bombard you with a million and one pictures of my dog or two cats; Instagram is for that. Twitter is for moaning. I’m sure that soon I’ll post links to both pages, when I’m both more organised and ready.

Anyway, that’s about that for now. I do have an idea of a posting schedule in my head; of what I’ll post, and when, but I’ll be making no commitments just yet.

Have a fantastic day (or evening, depending on where in our big round world you are) and we’ll catch up soon!



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