Silent Sally

WHY HAVE YOU NOT WRITTEN ANYTHING, STEPHEN? Well, the short and simple of it all is that I have literally just been really busy, and not had time to think about writing a blog post. (Honestly, though, I do want to get in to a regular writing/blogging routine… I DO!) The slightly more interesting side of things, though, is that some of that busy time was spent focused on editing my first short story, With All My Love, Gloria.

I’m extremely excited to say that Gloria’s story is now out there for all of the world to pick up and enjoy. It’s only short, but that’s all it ever needed to be. I feel very proud of what I achieved with the story, and can only hope that those who do chose to pick up a copy will enjoy and/or understand.

What’s next? Well, I’m HOPING (no promises, though) to write and release a further three short stories in a similar format over the next year. I have the ideas in place, plot points etc, I just need to focus and commit the time. I need to discover the characters and what their needs are; what story do they want to tell.

Personally, for me , it’s all very exciting! I’ve been writing what I hope will one day be my first complete novel for years now (I finish one section and end up detesting the previous parts already written) so to actually commit to something new, and something different0 and then put it out there in the world.

So, although this post doesn’t say much about myself… It doesn’t really venture into the realms of blogging that I intended to focus on… I’m glad to be able to put this little bit of information out there. It at leasts shows those who to venture upon this little space what I am about, and what I do.

Hopefully, a few of you do take a chance and pick up my first short story (HERE). Let me know what you think.



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