It’s Christmas?

I really thought that I had more time before Christmas, and this morning I’ve had the realisation that it is now just two weeks away thrust upon me; AND I’M NOT READY. I really haven’t even made an impactful start on Christmas shopping yet, I think in total I have two (parts) or two entirely separate gifts.

Usually, I’m the Christmas shopping ninja and by now I’m ready to wrap things up and get ┬áthe cards in the post. This year, however, I’ve not even cracked out a glue stick yet. I still don’t have a clue what to get people, and I don’t have a clue when I’m going to find time to wrap things up.

Of course, if I don’t but anything, then I won’t need to worry about wrapping things up. As I’m getting older, I’ve started to look at Christmas in a different light, and for me, the most important part of the day is the meal, and the time I’ll get to spend with my family. The presents really don’t matter at all; but it’s lovely to see other peoples faces when you get them a wonderful gift that you know they will love.

I guess moving away from home is what has really changed how I see Christmas. I don’t see the people I love as much as I like, so having a day completely free to spend with them with no work obligations is the best gift of all!


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