December Weather

December rolls around
Cold, and damp
And dark, and grey,
No sign of snow on the way

We put a lot of pressure
On December
Festive joy, and seasons greetings
Christmas is on the way

So many, empty months
Come first
Then December is here
And all at once…

And the year’s end
Has come around
Snowless, again.



I stand alone and look up towards the stars

A familiar, welcoming reminder that home

Is just the other side of the very same constellation

That I now find myself below;

And I wonder

Does my mother look up

Towards those very same stars

And know I’m just the other side

Gazing, waiting, wondering

If our eyes can meet

Via Venus and the International Space Station…

S.C. Elliott

Weeping Willows

November; and autumn slowly,
Transitions to winter
Grey clouds dilute
The once blue skies
And mulch, and mud, engulf
The warm autumnal hues
October displayed,
Beneath the auburn canopies
Bare branches reach
Skeletal hands; corpses
Great oaks, now dormant
Maples, and weeping willows
All rendered widows
‘Till spring returns
Its dew drop

S.C. Elliott