Weekly Update – 1/3/17

Weight – 12stn 3 (GAH)   Weekly Steps – 88,313, Getting Better – 1 Box Wine, 3 Gin and Tonics  Savings – £12.74, Getting Better

MORNING EVERYONE! Can you believe that it’s March ALREADY?! I can’t. This year is already racing by! Lets just hope that the weather manages to cheer up a little bit.

I didn’t managed to get a post up last week, as I was away on holiday in Filey, Yorkshire. However, my weight the night before we left was stone to 11stn 13, which I was over the moon with, however, due to poor diet choices and excessive alcohol consumption whilst away, I have obviously climbed back in to the twelve stone zone. I WILL BEAT IT THOUGH!

I also managed to do a lot more walking last week, which I was over the moon with, and am now determined to continue with now that I am back home! *crossed fingers*

Not much is happening at the moment, but in the next week weeks I’m hoping to get started on tidying my back garden up, as well as getting rid of a huge pile of rubbish that I’ve let accumulate at the end of my drive whilst we’ve been plodding on with the house.

I’m also hoping to make some progress towards a better paid, higher position at work again over the coming weeks and months. This month two years ago I was a manager, but unfortunately, due to company shrinkage at the time, my store closed and I (luckily) managed to step back down to a general assistant position in the shop it all started at!

However, the last two years have been a real struggle with money, but slowly things are getting back on track. My credit card definitely is looking more positive these days, which I’m over the moon with!

Have a lovely day everyone!



Weekly Update – 2/2/17

Weight – 12stn 2   Weekly Steps – Uncalculated   Alcohol – 2.5 Bottles Wine   Savings – £7.28, No Progress


When I weighed myself this week, I was surprised by how much weight I had lost; but, I feel it’s important for me to point out that I actually didn’t feel well for two days and didn’t eat as much as I should have. Next week, I fully expect to have put some weight back on.

I’ve been pretty lazy in regards to exercise this last week; which I fully intend to correct next week. Post Christmas has been so manic, and i’ve not been as focused as I should have been; but it’s a new month now and time to make plans and really stick to them!!!

Weekly Update – 25/1/17

Weight – 12stn 7   Weekly Steps – 54,584   Alcohol – 2 Bottles Wine, Possibly Three…  Savings – £7.28, Progress

Well, all I can say about last week is that it was a struggle. I didn’t wear my Fitbit for two days, so my steps aren’t actually accurate, but it’s still disappointing to see such a low number. I’m still pleased as punch though that I managed to lose any weight at all! I resist every single sweet treat and unhealthy meal I could, and it was SO hard.

Success, though, is definitely sweeter. ONWARDS AND UPWARDS!


The Motivation Of An Undercooked Jacket Potato

MORNING! Out here in the hills of Nottinghamshire, it’s a misty one! Currently, I can only just see the car on my neighbours drive, opposite. I’ve taken the dog for a (short) walk and am currently ploughing headfirst through a mountain of laundry. I should be editing a rerelease of one of my books, but I have little to no motivation at present.

Actually, all I can think about is how bad I am at doing and keeping on top of my laundry when I’m at home. I don’t really have an excuse either, other than that, as I spend all day doing it at work, I just don’t want to do it.

But ‘just not wanting to’ isn’t, in my own opinion, a valid excuse. I should just do it, so that it doesn’t all sit around the house annoying me. It’s not that hard to actually get it all done; I’m just extremely lazy when it comes to doing it, which then results in the even more miserable ‘laundry day.’

One thing I should definitely try and focus on this year is being better around the house. My partner and I are slowly putting together a lovely house, which I am really proud of; and I should really commit to putting more time and effort into keeping it all spick and span!

All I actually want to do though, is sit at my (brand new) dining table and stare out of the window, into the mist. According to twitter, today is Motivation Monday. I have the motivation of an undercooked jacket potato.



Weekly Update – 11/1/17

Weight – 12stn 6   Weekly Steps – 62,919   Alcohol – 3 Bottles Wine, Approx  Savings – £2.29

WELL, I’ve made it a week! HURRAH! I’m surprised at how easy the first week has gone, actually! I don’t have much money (post-Christmas blues) which is actually really helping with food choices, as I simply can’t afford to quickly nip in to the Burger King next door to work or pick up a sandwich and snack on my way in the morning.

I’ve actually been MAKING my lunches this week; who knew that was even possible?! I’m currently giving the 5:2 diet a go, which I will talk about in the future, but the two fast days went really well, although the recipes I chose could do with a little tweaking before I share them with people!

I definitely didn’t walk anywhere near as much as I should have, which is very disappointing and something that needs some work. I also didn’t save as much as I expected to, but seeing as I don’t have much money post Christmas, I can accept for now!

It would be amazing to be able to say that I feel different inside, but I don’t. Not yet, anyway. I am looking forward to feeling a little bit less… Ballooned? And for my clothes to feel a little less snug!

My dining room is currently starting to take shape, and I’m now just waiting to get some plaster work done and then it’s on with the paining! When it’s all (completely) finished, I’ll share some before and after pictures! I have a strong passion for Interior Design, and with this being my first house, I’m so excited to be able to share the progress I (we) make!

Anyway, lots of love! I’m hoping to post a weekly update on my ‘New Year Goals’ every Wednesday, and a new piece of creative writing every Friday! I’ve still got Wednesday’s and Sunday’s to figure out, but everything is starting to come together!

Have a great week!


Silent Sally

WHY HAVE YOU NOT WRITTEN ANYTHING, STEPHEN? Well, the short and simple of it all is that I have literally just been really busy, and not had time to think about writing a blog post. (Honestly, though, I do want to get in to a regular writing/blogging routine… I DO!) The slightly more interesting side of things, though, is that some of that busy time was spent focused on editing my first short story, With All My Love, Gloria.

I’m extremely excited to say that Gloria’s story is now out there for all of the world to pick up and enjoy. It’s only short, but that’s all it ever needed to be. I feel very proud of what I achieved with the story, and can only hope that those who do chose to pick up a copy will enjoy and/or understand.

What’s next? Well, I’m HOPING (no promises, though) to write and release a further three short stories in a similar format over the next year. I have the ideas in place, plot points etc, I just need to focus and commit the time. I need to discover the characters and what their needs are; what story do they want to tell.

Personally, for me , it’s all very exciting! I’ve been writing what I hope will one day be my first complete novel for years now (I finish one section and end up detesting the previous parts already written) so to actually commit to something new, and something different0 and then put it out there in the world.

So, although this post doesn’t say much about myself… It doesn’t really venture into the realms of blogging that I intended to focus on… I’m glad to be able to put this little bit of information out there. It at leasts shows those who to venture upon this little space what I am about, and what I do.

Hopefully, a few of you do take a chance and pick up my first short story (HERE). Let me know what you think.



Good morning world! Bare with me, as this is  the first time in a very, very long time that I’ve posted anything on a blog (I was eighteen when I finished posting to my first – and most successful – blog). I feel like so much has changed in those seven years, and the blogging process seems to have more options than ever, so I’m sure over time you’ll find this little page both change visibly and read differently to what it does today.

First posts are the worst, and I really didn’t want to fall in to the trap of writing a first post about first posts. Neither did I want to write a post simply introducing myself, because I both find them boring to read myself, and I truly believe that you’ll discover who I am through the journey of this blog if, of course, either of us stick around.

If anyone even discovers this little page.

*insert cheesy line here* I guess, one of the reasons I have started this blog is to provide a beacon of light in these darker times (you’ve got your outdoor glasses on) as well as to provide a creative outlet for myself. Why a creative outlet (no one asks)? I like to consider myself a part time writer, mostly in the poetry fields, but occasionally I dip my toes into the fields of fiction.

I prefer poetry simply because it’s less messy. Fiction has characters and places and objects and just about a million and one other things to hold on to and remember. I have a short attention span and a disastrous memory! Poetry can be more clear cut, and even when it’s not clear cut; abstract.

Over time you’ll definitely see some of my work appear on here. I’ll probably also talk about the work of others I like as well; what I’m reading or watching etc. Maybe, if my life ever becomes a little more interesting, I’ll even talk about what I’m DOING! (Don’t be silly, Stephen).

Yes; my name Stephen. Stephen with a ph not a v. Not Steve. Not Ste. Plain old, bog standard, the name my mother chose for me, Stephen. Steve is for lads, van drivers and builders. I am none of the latter. Ste is for… Well, I couldn’t even tell you what Ste is for, I’m just not a fan.

One last thing before I wrap this longer than I intended but shorter than expected, not a first post post, up, is a promise of sorts. I’ll do my absolute best not to bombard you with a million and one pictures of my dog or two cats; Instagram is for that. Twitter is for moaning. I’m sure that soon I’ll post links to both pages, when I’m both more organised and ready.

Anyway, that’s about that for now. I do have an idea of a posting schedule in my head; of what I’ll post, and when, but I’ll be making no commitments just yet.

Have a fantastic day (or evening, depending on where in our big round world you are) and we’ll catch up soon!