A Month Off

It was never intended so, but it appears that I took a month off from blogging! In truth, I’ve had very little to actually talk about. Since my holiday in Filey, I’ve been working overtime every week between my own store and to help out another local branch!

I’ve been exhausted, and unsociable, but am now determined to get back on track, both socially and with my diet!

Some of my plans for the month ahead include doing a little bit of work on the garden; I want to build some planters and get new plants down, as well as a huge amount of weeding and trimming. I’d also like to get my bathroom painted, but every month I seem to push that back a little more.

For some reason, the idea of finishing the bathroom fills me with absolute dread! I want it done, and it’s not really such a hard job. I just don’t seem to be able to motivate myself enough to do it!

I also need to get back on dog walks, as I’ve really slacked on taking the dog for her morning walk lately. It’s not fair on her, I know, but I’ve just not felt like it!




Weeping Willows

November; and autumn slowly,
Transitions to winter
Grey clouds dilute
The once blue skies
And mulch, and mud, engulf
The warm autumnal hues
October displayed,
Beneath the auburn canopies
Bare branches reach
Skeletal hands; corpses
Great oaks, now dormant
Maples, and weeping willows
All rendered widows
‘Till spring returns
Its dew drop

S.C. Elliott